Look at that!

Our new EV3s are looking great. We are using new manuals to make different versions of the EV3. These are awesome. This is a picture of one of our teams new robot. They used the snake design to make this cool robot.

image 1

– DivDiv, and The Rock 😉


Wow! Look At These Robots!

WOW! We have been blazing through building ever since we received these brand new EV3s. Everyone is excited to make new faster and cooler robots. We are all coming to the lab and getting straight to work. Everyone is working extra hard to make these the best robots they have ever made. Below is a picture of one of the new EV3s. The team that owns this robot is so excited to get on the computers and start programing.


Be back with more!



What’s going on this week?

We have divided our robotics group into two groups. Because of such an increase and demand to to join the club we have created a robotics group an a code group. We are so excited and glad to say that we have received 5 new robots. We can’t wait till they come. So many new opportunities have opened for us from these donations.

-Divier 🙂